The LAB Philosophy


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We don’t know the answer to that question but, we want to give adults and children the opportunity to find out.  The LAB offers a schedule that supports both adults and children because we believe that everyone should have an opportunity for inspiration, creativity, and self-care.

The LAB for Hands On Learning and Exploration is a wide ranging new enrichment and education program founded on the belief that every person is a unique and natural learner with the ability to freely choose the course of their own learning experiences.

Designed by a dedicated staff with over 30 combined years of experience working with children and young adults as teachers, child care providers, organizers, registered dietitian/nutritionist, artists and parents, The Lab’s play based Arts and Science curriculum is developmentally and age appropriate for young to school aged children, and reflects a diversity of learning styles to meet the needs of each child. Our philosophy extends to include all ages to support life long learning.

In addition to their many years of experience in child development fields, Facilitators at The LAB are are specifically trained to provide empathy-based support for peer interactions leading to greater social-emotional awareness and skills, and our low student to facilitator ratio ensures that each participant can receive strong individualized support as well.

What We Do

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Programs at The LAB are designed to support a needs across the developmental spectrum, with a balanced emphasis on both social-emotional skills and individual choice, leading to increased

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Cooperative play
  • Creative exploration
  • Individualized learning
  • Open ended play and learning opportunities

The academic curriculum at The LAB is structured to aid cognitive development for young to school aged children related to

  • Acquisition of pre-literacy and pre-math skills in young children
  • Increased confidence and ability in school aged children
  • Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills for all ages

Our facilitators are also available for academic support for both home schooled and traditional track students.

Working With Families

The LAB recognizes that children learn and thrive best when there is consistent and cooperative engagement in both home and learning environments. Parents and guardians deserve the opportunity to model self-care, recreation and connection to their community. The LAB therefore provides opportunities for parent support in the form of:

  • Co-learning classes with young children
  • Enrichment classes for adults that coordinate with children’s classtimes
  • Meaningful connections with families
  • Informative dialogues between facilitators and parents and care givers that can cue facilitators about a child’s individual temperament, needs, learning style, and home life
  • Working with parents and care givers to develop strategies and habits that can bridge a child’s experience at The LAB to their home and school lives