Social Entrepreneurship for Ages 10 and Up!

Who Knows What We are Capable Of Together?


The Social Entrepreneurship Program is not a class in any conventional way. In the truest sense, this is experiential, hands-on learning-by-doing, and is closer to real-life, grassroots community organizing than an academic how-to course .

We will working on large scale, real world projects, founded, designed and run by kid 10 years old and older. Keeping with our child-lead approach to learning, we are not simply placing kids into nominal volunteer positions for existing events planned by adults, rather kids will do the planning and decision making themselves. We will not be asking parents to fund projects for us through bake sales or other events, but will work on developing sustainable fundraising strategies of our own as necessary. This is more than a program, it is a start-up, or a a pop-up with heart . . .  it is activism in action.

As all organizers know, this means that some projects may not be completed as planned. Or some may start with one group of kids (or one single kid), and be completed by others that join up as the project grows . . . its not just like real life, it is real life.

Because of the nature of the Social Entrepreneurship projects, there will be no set meeting time for project groups. Rather, each working group will meet roughly once a week at the Lab (or other places if necessary) at times that are convenient for everyone based on the availability of group members. There will also be some amount of work to be completed at home between meeting times. Participants may also decide to form email groups, or other on-line communication channels to exchange information between meetings.

Two current Social Entrepreneurship projects: A community festival themed on all thing Pokemon, and a weekly Minecraft club. Each project required kids to seek sponsorship, recruit volunteers, and collaborate with peers to reach consensus

Children 10 years old and older (this is a great opportunity for teens!) can begin their own project with their own ideas, or may join an existing group; and small groups with big ideas are welcome to sign up together. Enrollment will be on-going throughout the year, and may encompass simultaneous on-going projects.

Participants in the program are asked for an initial 10 week commitment, and may continue with their chosen project on a month by month basis thereafter for the equivalent of monthly membership dues. It may be the goal of some projects to generate revenue so that children can pay for their own dues. And when appropriate, stipends for group members may be available.

In each project, we will emphasize the process of consensus building, and all projects will be decided on, designed, and implemented under the guidance of trained adults.

For more information on the program, to inquire about existing projects, or to begin the enrollment process with a free project consultation meeting, contact Efrim Chiavetta, Lab Director and Social Entrepreneurship Program Coordinator.

Let’s see just what we are capable of when we work together, I cannot wait to see what we come up with!