More than an Aviation Adventurer

“Adventure is worthwhile in itself”

Everyone knows that Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to cross the atlantic solo, and that she disappeared under still unexplained circumstances in a flight in 1937. But she was also a best selling author, professor, and an early advocate for the ERA.

Under her inspiration as a Summer Camp Muse, we will not only explore flight using paper, small engines and loose parts, we will look at the art of cartography, and play with the idea of travel and adventure by creating stories of new lands and the cultures that inhabit them.

Each week during Summer Camp at The Lab in Eagle Rock, the materials and activities available for kids will be inspired by a different historical female figure that has shaped out world in bold new ways.

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“Think for your self . . . aloud.”

Enduring Style

Her novel silhouettes, and uncompromising sense of independence changed the shape of twentieth century fashion for women across the globe. Her designs are ingrained in our collective imagination, and her “little black dress” has become virtually synonumous with class.

During her week at The Lab Summer camp, kids will have the chance to explore their own style by creating their own fashion. Children will get a chance to design outfits, pattern, cut and sew them. We will play with all kinds of related arts, like mixing our own perfumes, and exploring the history of her  high period of the 1920’s.

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“Honk all you want, I’m Deaf!”

That is what the number sticker on Ashley Fiolek’s pickup truck reads, and it is a good indication of how Ashley does not let her deafness keep her from pursuing the things she wants in life. Deciding at a young age to become a motocross racer, Ashely ignored the many people that told her she would be unable to ride because she could not hear the engine wind out, or other racers approaching behind her. By the time she was 18, she won her first championship. Since then, she became the first female racer to appear on the cover of Transworld Motocross, been recognized by many deaf advocacy groups, and has worked for women’s rights in the United States and abroad.


Each week at the Lab Summer Camp, we are celebrating the life and achievements of women who have broken new ground, crossed boundaries, and shaped the world in inventive, and often astonishing ways. Ashley Fiolek  is the our first “Muse” of the Summer, and tt the Lab this week, it is all about motion! Making things move on wheels, creating kinetic art, and exploring our senses and even learning a little sign language.

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