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Winter Camp 2017

Work, Play, Learn

The Lab for Hands-On Learning is a Homeschool and After School Enrichment Center committed to providing children 3-12 years old with the opportunity to pursue their interests on their own terms and at their own pace.

Our curriculum is emergent and child-lead, and includes elements of play-based-learning for younger children, project-based learning for school aged children, and inquiry-based learning in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Teachers at The Lab are trained to support children’s social-emotional development, and provide peaceful conflict resolution between peers. And our low adult to child ratio ensures that every child gets the attention and support they need to learn, grow, and create while they are here!

You can read more about our curriculum and philosophy here.

We know that every child and every family is different, to see if we are a good fit for you and yours, schedule a FREE TRIAL DAY by filling out the form on this page.

Flexible On-line Registration

You can buy passes and memberships on-line and use them any time you want. Class registration is available up to one hour before class begins, and passes are only deducted when actual attendance for the day is taken.

We Can Work with your Charter School of Choice

We are an approved vendor for many charter schools, ask your education facilitator how you can use your funds to pay for classes with us.


Homeschool Enrichment: M-F 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
After School: Monday 3 – 4:30 pm

Sunday Cooking Class for Adults and Teens

Health, Nutrition and Cooking with Love and Gratitude

Sunday, January 15
5 – 7:30 pm
(Contact for Location)

Gloria Williamson, RD
“Let’s Cook Together: The Seafood Edition”

Are you planning to increase your home cooked meals in 2017? Do you enjoy seafood but always prepare it the same way or avoid cooking it altogether?

Come cook with Gloria Williamson, RD, family nutritionist and personal chef. This intimate class for up to 8 people will be a cozy prep, cook and dine evening for adults and young chefs age 12 and up.

Cost of $75/person includes: nutrition discussion, sustainable buying tips, and seafood prep of 5 quick and easy dishes you can prepare at home. We will enjoy our dishes with wine and other beverages. Includes: halibut with veg in paper, shellfish, oyster shucking, broiled salmon, whole bass, and a tasty smoked trout spread. I will create sides to go along with it. Start your year off with healthy cooking!

Reserve your spot through The LAB today.
Payment will be taken online up to 24 prior.

What Child-Led Learning Looks Like (At It’s Best)

There is so much more going on with this picture than is actually visible. It was the image that was used to replicate the block "motorcycle," seen here, several days after it was initially built, bringing a huge sense on focus and accomplishment to a child who had been less regulated and unable to follow through with his plans for several weeks. And it was "seriously, exactly like the picture!" Although he had been unwilling to share the original structure, his pride in recreating it moved him to excitedly build a "sidecar" for a new younger student, with us for only his second day, who then instantly felt welcomed, accepted and cared for by his peers. This shows us, once again, that when it comes to their learning, play and work, the most important instructions children can follow are their own. #thelabforhandsonlearningandexploration #childledlearning #inquirybasedlearning #socialemotionallearning #socialemotionaldevelopment #earlychildhoodeducation #teachersofinstagram #homeschooling #homeschoolsupport #unschooling

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Investment and Play

Block structures, by nature, are temporary, fragile, and to many children, all too fleeting creations. When it is time to clean up, to leave the house or school, or when there is a lot of potential for it to be knocked over by other play, children may become anxious or frustrated about this, but lack the language to say so. Adults often misread a reticence to clean up or depart as simple refusal or something else. Offering to take a photo of the work so that they may look at it later, show their friends or other family members, or rebuilt it if necessary will more often than not be met with enthusiasm and willingness to move forward. Even if the photos are never used, they help to bring closer, a sense of value and perpetuity to a project they are invested in. #parentingtips #teachertips #teachershelpingteachers #childledlearning #unschooling #homeschooling #homeschoolsupport #thelabforlearning #thelabforhandsonlearningandexploration

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Let Them Play

Science Saturdays

imageScience and Play

Using white powders and clear liquids, we asked asked children to predict what would happen when they were mixed together and to try to identify them based on their reactions together. This was the last day in a six day series of messy, kitchen chemistry in which we made glitter slime, scented home made play doh with natural herbs, and layered liquids of differing densities to create bottles full of rainbow colors. This activity built on the skills practiced and information gathered on the other days, and allowed children the opportunity to put the scientific method to the test. It was interesting to see the older children asking for instructions, while the younger ones dove into a fun, messy, sensory experience.

Join us every Saturday from 10-12 and 1-3, beginning in March for Science Saturtadys, where we explore the world of science using materials and experiences from everyday life. 

Is is a little intimidating to do science with you children? Every first Saturday of the month, as part of the monthly I Heart Eagle Rock Art Walk, join us at The LAB with your child and let The LAB introduce methods and ideas to help you bring science activities into your home every day.

To find out more about I Heart Eagle Rock, visit them on Facebook at

Hello Eagle Rock

imageThis week at The LAB in our new space has been incredible! The children made themselves at home with all the new home rituals: planting plants, baking, making tea, planning a task list to help care for the space. A 5 year old said: “this place doesn’t feel new, it feels like we’ve always been here.” We are thrilled to be in our new home in Eagle Rock. Our open house will be during I Heart Eagle Rock on March 5th. Thank you to all our friends and families. We transformed the space in only 3 weeks, and I’m ready for a nap.  -Gloria