The LAB for Home School and After School Support

The LAB for Hands-on Learning is committed to helping foster self-directed learning and emotional intelligence in children of all ages. In September 2015 we began offering a full day of programming for children and parents who wish to follow their own course through early childhood and elementary education.

Classes at The LAB are mixed age through age 12. Our curriculum is designed to be emergent and child-lead, intergrating aspects of  play, project and inquiery based learning with a focus on providing strong social-emotional support for each student.

As part of our philosophy to foster learning throughout the family, parents are invited to participate in our weekly “Parent Gathering,” for safe, informal discussions on all aspects of parenting. Each gathering is guided by a LAB parent and topics range from book-club style readings of a shared text to addressing really BIG emotions, or strategies for transitions big and small, self care for parents, or just sharing the company and camaraderie of other parents.


The LAB recognizes that homeschool families will use The LAB as only one of many resources they access during the week, therefore we have designed a schedule and enrollment process that is as flexible for as many families as possible.

There is no need to enroll for a set schedule of classes each week. The prices below represent per child enrollment packages that may be used for whichever classes and days work best for you and your children, from week to week and day to day. Enrollment will remain open as long as there is space in each class each day, up to and including the morning or afternoon of each session.

Passes for Homeschool and After School Programs expire at the end of each school year, and cannot be applied to Summer Camp or Science Saturdays.

For specific pass and membership prices, click here.

The LAB is committed to being available and affordable for all families, and will work to find a package that best suits your needs as a family.

For more information, or to schedule a free trial session (Home School Support and After School Program only) contact us at, or complete the contact form here.

Working with Your Charter School

The Lab is able to accept payment by invoice from several Charter School independant and homeschool study programs.

The Lab is proud to be an approved vendor for the following Charter Schools:

Sage Oak
Excel Academy
iLead Exploration
Compass Charter Schools

11232722_663474483752971_293221448673673167_nOur Approach

Curriculum at The LAB is designed to both stimulate and then follow a child’s natural curiosity and willingness to explore the world around them in an experiential way and to engage it with their whole self. We are therefore committed to developing programs that are first and foremost Child Directed. We believe that children learn best when they are able to follow their inclinations and sense of wonder where it leads, and The LAB  strives to be a place for them to do that in the company of peers, and educators trained to provide non-directive guidance for projects and strong Social Emotional support as children interact with each other, with family members, and the environment around them.

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Programs at The LAB are equal parts Play Based and Project Based. With a month to explore the world of any particular Muse, we have the luxury of being able to build on concepts, projects and ideas that can stretch over several days or weeks. Taking our lead from the children themselves, we can work a concept from idea, to design, to realization, or from hypothesis to testing, observation, and recording . . . and all the various playful and curious tangential questionings along the way. The LAB curriculum will always be flexible and Emergent to meet the needs and interests of both individual children and the group as a whole.

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