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Children’s Parties

The Lab offers a selection of party plans that we set up and facilitate at our Eagle Rock Location or your home, park, or other location of your choice. Each event can be customized to fit your (or your child’s) chosen theme, and features a variety of hands-on activities designed to fit the age range of your child and their guests.

Each package includes two hours of activities guided by two Lab facilitators using The Lab’s open-ended, child lead approach to the chosen materials and the same empathy based interaction approach we employ during regular Lab sessions. Packages also include a planning interview. There are half an hour set up and break down times prior to and following each event.

Tell Us About Your Event

Package Options

The Labs

We believe that even in a few hours we are able to provide a process oriented project experience for party goers. Every party will be provided with a Design Lab equipped with paper, pencils, measuring and drawing tools and anything else needed to plan their projects prior to engaging the materials in the chosen activities. We provide smocks for any messy Labs we bring, and all safety items, such as gloves or goggles if needed.

Each plan comes with a choice of one of the following three Labs:

  • Painting: options include easel or table top painting, for individual or group projects, finger painting, spray bottle painting, splatter paint,  painting with usual items, on 2d or 3d surfaces, and more. Inquire for details.
  • Collage: Using a variety of 2D or 3D materials with liquid glue, glue sticks, or glue gun.
  • Drawing: With crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, or charcoal. May include still life models.


And a choice of two additional Labs such as: textiles, jewelry making, kitchen chemistry, earth science and gardening, robotics, 3D collage, clay play, wood working, and more!


$450.00 for first 15 Children, $12.00 for each additional child

Price Includes:

  • three chosen Labs plus the Design Lab, plus open lab
  • initial planning meeting ($25 additional fee for on-site visit prior to party)
  • 3/hrs. on-site on day of event, including clean up and break down time
  • 2 facilitators trained in The Lab’s child lead, empathy based interaction style

To schedule your party, please contact us at info@thelabforlearning.com

Customize or Upgrade

We can customize or add a pre-designed upgrade to any Lab to fit a chosen theme for additional costs, please inquire at info@thelabforlearning.com for details.

Other Parties and Events


Whether you want a way to keep the younger guests at a wedding reception or community meeting busy for a while, add a fun surprise to your friends 40th birthday, or feel like mixing in some art to a Friday night house party, The Lab can custom design activities and presentation style to fit just about any occasion.

To start planning you own custom Lab Party Please contact us at info@thelabforleaning.com for more information.



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