imageScience and Play

Using white powders and clear liquids, we asked asked children to predict what would happen when they were mixed together and to try to identify them based on their reactions together. This was the last day in a six day series of messy, kitchen chemistry in which we made glitter slime, scented home made play doh with natural herbs, and layered liquids of differing densities to create bottles full of rainbow colors. This activity built on the skills practiced and information gathered on the other days, and allowed children the opportunity to put the scientific method to the test. It was interesting to see the older children asking for instructions, while the younger ones dove into a fun, messy, sensory experience.

Join us every Saturday from 10-12 and 1-3, beginning in March for Science Saturtadys, where we explore the world of science using materials and experiences from everyday life. 

Is is a little intimidating to do science with you children? Every first Saturday of the month, as part of the monthly I Heart Eagle Rock Art Walk, join us at The LAB with your child and let The LAB introduce methods and ideas to help you bring science activities into your home every day.

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