Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s work in the book Wood. The Lab”s Wednesday hands on learners ventured out into nature, exploring the natural elements with their senses. They made discoveries, predictions and noted them both verbally with each other and in their journals. Some collected the natural elements to take back to the classroom where they could then take a closer look.
Back at The Lab, rocks, bark, brick, acorns, leaves and salt crystals were crushed, smashed, broken and grinded. They discovered that most of those can be turned into powder. The brick collected made a bright red pigment. It was observed by some that adding a little water to the powder made it into paint. Others found adding equal amounts of water and brick powder made clay. Some explored negative space, depth, and shape with clay through manipulation. Adding other elements like water, twigs, rocks and the powdered brick. Some noticed the change in the clay into other textures and forms. In their process of mixing, and breaking down elements, some shared descriptions of smells and touch and visual changes that they were observing making the multi- sensory experience a collaborative investigation.

– Ana

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