Making Predictions

This week, under the spell of nature that this month’s Muse Andy Goldsworthy reminds us to never forget, we took the opportunity to appreciate some of nature’s most interesting forms by building some simple crystals together. We stared with a simple Epsom Salt and hot water solution, these crystals are easy to make, form quickly, and feature a dazzling array of color whe viewed under a microscope. The children began by making some predictions and painting pictures about what they thought the crystals would look like when they formed . . .











Managing Expectations

We are not exactly sure why, but they ended up looking like this . . .

image Which lead to some really engaged conversations about the nature of the scientific method, what it feels like when things do not happen the way that we wanted or expected them to, and problem solving around what we can do different next time.




Making Observations

Between the hypothoses and the results, between expectation, curiosity, and wonder, there were some really beautiful moments that none of us could ignore nor have predicted along the way . . .

– Efrim

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