Founders and Directors

Gloria Williamson

Gloria WilliamsonGloria Williamson has worked for many years educating children and parents about nutrition and has an unbridled desire to plant opportunities for child-led education and exploration. As a mother of two small children, she has observed first hand how open play and exploration have led to learning and growth for both her daughters. She grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and has connected to many local community members both creative and entrepreneurial. She saw an opportunity to fill a void she herself saw as a parent. This void led to the development of an environment where parents and children can learn about health, self-expression and the world around them. Her first career in costume design is currently being exercised on her two young daughters at Halloween.

Efrim Chiavetta

Efrim Chiavetta is an organizer, builder, tinkerer, writer, installation artist, and over all DIY enthusiast who has been working with children and young adults for over 20 years. He brings to The Lab his firm belief in the transformative power of art, the joys of hands-on learning, and the unbounded creativity of youth. Efrim holds an interdisciplinary Masters degree in Humanities from The State University of New York at Buffalo, where he worked with the English and Woman’s Studies departments to design a course of study to explore movements for social change within the context of postmodernity; and a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy from Georgia State University, where he graduated with honors. He has been active in grassroots community organizing in New York, Georgia, and California. From 2011-2015 he worked as lead teacher and parent educator at a play- based preschool in Pasadena; and From 2007-2012, served as Executive Director of ACLA (Art. Community. Land. Activism!), a non-profit group committed to teaching life skills through the arts in underserved Los Angeles neighborhoods. He hopes The Lab can be a place for young people to explore who they are by exploring the world around them.



Narine Attarain

FullSizeRenderWith a background in psychology and a passion for the arts, Narine Attarian bring to The Lab an ongoing curiosity toward the developing child. Her experience in the field has led to her conviction that children learn best through meaningful experiences. Since each child is receptive to different modes of processing information, it is important to offer a variety of opportunities to explore all the senses. She believes every child is capable, and each child has a unique gift to offer the world. By honoring their individuality and fostering confidence in themselves we help create a platform for them to be able to continue exploring, discovering, creating and spreading their magic in the world. She promotes compassion and gratitude in her work for each spirit she connects with, hoping to serve as a model to the absorbent minds around her.

Annalise Reinhardt

Annalise Reinhardt is a photographer and creative arts educator. A recent LA transplant by way of Portland, Oregon, she is grateful to be a contributing member of the rich community that makes The Lab for Hands on Learning and Exploration the uniquely special place it is. Annalise has taught photography, art history, and a variety of multidisciplinary arts to youth of all backgrounds and ages while living in Portland. She is passionate about social justice, community engagement, creative and cultural exchange. She seeks to empower and heal through facilitating others’ artistic processes and believes everyone has the capacity to create and grow. She seeks to nurture passion for learning and cultivate empathy in her students, and sees all students as her fellow collaborators and teachers. Annalise is currently a student in UCLA’s Social Emotional Arts in Healing certificate program and is enthusiastic to bring her newfound insights to The Lab!

Ashley Quarnstrom

Ashley is a first time mom who has been working with children over the past ten years as a recreation leader, basketball coach, nanny, camp counselor and most recently, toddler teacher. She enjoys reading, cooking, playing board games, and going on adventures with her son and two dogs


Inspire Charter Specialty Program

Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson is an experienced educator with over ten years classroom experience working for the Los Angeles Unified School District. She was the chairperson of her grade level multiple years, active in the arts cadre, and lead teacher of the Nutrition Network. Her holistic approach to education ensures every child has access to the material being taught and prioritizes connections and application of knowledge in real life settings. She earned a Master’s Degree in Education from University of California Los Angeles with a focus in social justice; and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She holds a Multi-subject California Credential and looks forward to bringing her experience from the classroom to The Lab.

Arts, Crafts, and Life Skills

Laura Brody

A. Laura Brody is a professional costume craftsperson, maker, and designer, creating everything from allegory to zombies. She’s made things for film, TV, Opera, dance, and just about anywhere else that people play dress-up. Her encouraging, adventurous approach to teaching makes pattern making, draping, and craft making accessible and fun for the whole family.

She loves re-purposing and re-using materials and wants to share that passion with others. She volunteers with Repair Cafe, an organization that encourages folks to repair their broken-down things instead of throwing them away. In addition, she’s started a volunteer program with Huntington Hospital to dress up the wheelchairs and wagons in the pediatrics ward.

Chris Burgoyne: Founding Member

10995862_10152912064208876_2773295421746945767_nChris Burgoyne is a true renaissance man. He has worked in many mediums as an artist and has been an active make-up artist in the entertainment field for more than 15 years. He brings his natural curiosity, his respect for the personal journey each individual takes to find their passion and his love of ALL things play to The LAB.


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